I have never interviewed nor interpreted.

Last month, I interviewed and interpreted for Tony Leung Chiu-wai himself on the same day. Here’s that interview:

I was the interviewer in this video on GQ’s channel!

Tony was not extremely well-known in the West, but he became a household name in Hong Kong before I was born there. As legendary of an actor he is, I don’t pretend to stan for Tony before this ordeal. For my embarrassing lack of movie knowledge, I only recall Tony as the undercover cop in Infernal Affairs.

This lack of movie knowledge was what enabled me…

A little more than a year ago, three partners and I founded a production house that we creatively named Media Studio Hong Kong. We had little planning, and our only asset was a Canon 5D Mark iii that my father used twice.

Our first job was with Wallace Siu, who’s a good friend and a bodybuilding champion. We were stoked when we successfully convinced him to start a YouTube channel. He bulk-purchased 10 videos for $300. On our first shoot, we brought 4 crew members and shot for an hour. …

Recently I gave a talk in Recruitment Asia 2018. Much of the discussion was about challenges in technical (IT) recruitment. For example: misrepresenting client companies. If recruiters cannot display enough professionalism and expertise, this reflects back on the client. At the end of the day, the company may see a drop in candidate quality and delays before the position is filled.

Misrepresentation can happen in a few different ways. One of them, I argued, is by using brain teasers in your interviews. Big tech companies had utilized and decommissioned them a few years back. …

Everything that goes into a delicious ICO, more or less

Dish trivia

When an organization issues and publicly sells a token or cryptocurrency, it is called an initial coin offering or an ICO. The name is a reference to the traditional way of raising money through issuing shares (an IPO, or initial public offering).

This new way of fundraising has several advantages compared to traditional means (VCs and IPO), namely a shorter time-span, lower barriers of entry, less bureaucracy, and the ability to build a user base at the same time of fundraising.

Preparation is required for an ICO. The level of convenience in fundraising has never been reached before, which is…

Every Professional or Hobbyist Photographer Should Have One

In my humble opinion, this is the best piece of photography gadget I ever owned:

Not the Pixel 2 or whatever number it is at the time you are reading this, but the original one.

As a general usage smartphone, the original Pixel is rather unimpressive for its price. However, I have not regretted this purchase for a single reason, which is also what makes the original Pixel the best photography gadget:

Hackathon FAQ

Hi, today, I’d love to share my personal experience on hackathons, and clear up some of the confusion around them. Hopefully I can present a good enough case for some of you to consider attending your first one.


Before telling my story, you might want to know what a hackathon is:

What are hackathons?

A hackathon is typically a mini startup competition conducted over a weekend, where people gather in groups and build a minimally viable software product, then pitch their prototype at the end of 24 hours.

The word hackathon is a portmanteau of hack and marathon. Hack means “to quickly put…

The Danger of Motivational Stories

You’ll find no lack of motivational stories told through image macros or articles on social media.

For example:

54.8K upvotes on Reddit at the time of writing

My 0 Cost College Plan

A few months back, I decided against pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (CS).

First, let me make it clear — I am absolutely NOT saying you should do the same. This is just the story behind my 0 cost college plan, which I’m rather proud of.

After one too many university rejection letters, my quest to get back on track with my life began in Winter 2015, at a community college. If everything went according to plan, I would be able to transfer out after 2–3 years, then work towards a Bachelor’s. …

ft. Crime Dataset


Not too long ago, I went to spend a day with a friend who goes there. I pulled into a garage and left with a hole in my wallet and an ache in my heart.

$20 for a day pass. With the unavoidable Bay Bridge toll of $5, I might as well use that kind of money to buy a private jet.

That’s more than enough motivation for doing research before coming by again.

So I did.

Angus Yip

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